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Dragonflies are flying insects of the order Odonata. ... Dragonflies are usually found around lakes, ponds, streams and wetlands. They are predators which eat mosquitoes, and other small insects such as flies, bees, ants, and butterflies. Their larvae, known as 'nymphs', are aquatic.

Here are some fun baby names from the animal kingdom: A baby alligator is called a hatchling. A baby armadillo is called a pup. A baby deer is called a fawn.

Pigs. The words pig, hog and swine are all generic terms without regard to gender, size or breed. A male pig is called a boar. A female pig is called a gilt if she hasn't had piglets yet and a sow if she has.

calf. The word calf can mean either a baby cow or bull, or the area of the back of your leg between your ankle and knee. Cattle are not the only animals whose babies are called calves.

A baby fox is called a Kit, Pup or Cub. ... Male foxes are known as dogs, tods or reynards, females as vixens, and young as cubs, pups, or kits, though the latter name is not to be confused with a distinct species called kit foxes. A group of foxes is referred to as a skulk, leash, or earth.

Gorillas are ground-dwelling and live in groups of 6-12 with the oldest and largest silverback leading a family of females, their young and younger males called blackbacks. The silverback makes the decisions on when his group wakes up, eats, moves and rests for the night.

The single "Baby" featuring Ludacris was released in advance and debuted at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 2010. hit stores in March 2010 and debuted at #1 on the chart. That made 16-year-old Justin Bieber the youngest solo male to hit #1 on the album chart since 13-year-old Stevie Wonder in 1963.Aug 21, 2017

After a pregnancy that lasts on average 257 days (humans: 265 days), gorillas usually give birth in less than half an hour and the mother does not seem to feel great pain. However, difficult births do occur and can take up to three days.

Female gorillas are pregnant for about 8 to 9.5 months and have about 3 babies in their lifetime. Newborn gorillas weigh only about 3-4 pounds (1.4 to 1.8 kg) at birth (about half the weight of a newborn human). Female gorillas carefully nurture their young.

Compared to any other animal, a baby giraffe is a giant, weighing 150 pounds and standing six feet tall when it drops out of its mother's womb. When it's born, a baby giraffe really does drop -- almost five feet to the ground.

Once they have reached an age of approximately 10 years, female mountain gorillas give birth to one baby every 4 years. ... One mountain gorilla mother holds the record with six surviving offspring. Another female gave birth to eight babies, but only two of them reached sexual maturity.

A baby animal usually has a particular name. Most of remember that a baby lion is a cub, but do you know when a baby is a pup, a kit, a cub or something else entirely? Even if you don't know what to call them, you won't want to miss their cute photos!Aug 14, 2014

This is called a rookery. Crows in big groups are often noisy. However, when it is the breeding season (this means when birds nest and have babies), crows can become angry and will scare off other crows. ... This is when the defending birds group together to chase off the crow.

More than one hippopotamus are called hippopotami, and 'hippopotamuses', or 'hippos' is also used. ... About 30 hippos live together in groups. A male hippopotamus is known as a bull. A female hippopotamus is called a cow, and a baby hippo is called a calf.

Similar to cattle, a baby giraffe is called a calf.Apr 3, 2015

The term "rat" is also used in the names of other small mammals which are not true rats. ... Male rats are called bucks, unmated females are called does, pregnant or parent females are called dams, and infants are called kittens or pups. A group of rats is referred to as a mischief.

Really a raccoon will eat just about anything. ... A group of raccoons is called a nursery or a gaze. A mother usually gives birth to two or three babies called kit. The mother will teach the kits to hunt and live in the wild. They will stay with their kits for about a year.

A group of dolphins is called a "school" or a "pod". Male dolphins are called "bulls", females "cows" and young dolphins are called "calves".

Baby giraffes are called calves. (A single one is a calf.)

A baby fish is called a fry or a fingerling. A baby goose is called a gosling. A baby kangaroo is called a joey. A baby monkey is called an infant. View more names at zooborns.com.

Today I found out Baby Ruth candy bars really were named after Babe Ruth. The rumor that they were not was actually started by the company who made them originally, the Curtiss Candy Company founded by Otto Schnering. They claimed it was named after Ruth Cleveland, the daughter of President Grover Cleveland.Dec 16, 2011

Baby Ruth vs. Snickers. Kids favored Baby Ruth for its "salty and sweet crunch." They acknowledged the "delicious peanut-buttery" flavor. Adults declared this chocolate their favorite because it was more "natural"-tasting than the Snickers, less sweet, and had large peanut fragments.

Flamingos live in large groups called colonies. Some colonies consist of million birds. Baby flamingos will hatch in the nest made of mud. Flamingos are monogamous (they have just one partner) and they produce one egg each year. ... The visible "knee" of the flamingo is actually ankle joint.

All goats under 6 months of age are called kids. ... Once a female goat has reached maturity, she is called a doe. A mature male goat is called a buck. When a male goat is castrated, he is called a wether. Our version of “kid” derives from the German “kinder” for child.

Baby red pandas are so unique that they inhabit their own mammal family, the Ailurus genus in the Ailuridae family of mammals! Baby red pandas are called cubs and a single litter has around four cubs. Imagine having four little baby pandas to take care of!

The same way a human baby is born. Each vampire story has its own RULES. In this case Vampires are like humans with super human ability. They can have children and they can die.

They are sometimes called "canines" from the Latin word for dog - canis. Sometimes people also use "dog" to describe other canids, such as wolves. A baby dog is called a pup or puppy. A dog is called a puppy until it is about one year old.

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