Facts about People

Extra protective gear may include sliding shorts, mouth guards, protective cups, knee and elbow pads, padded soccer pants, soccer gloves, and protective head gear. Like their teammates, goalkeepers are required to wear the basics; jersey, shorts, socks, shin guards and cleats.

Chileans (Spanish: Chilenos) are people identified with the country of Chile. ... Indigenous inheritance, whether cultural or genetic, is most pronounced in rural areas and in aspects of culture such as Chilean cuisine and Chilean Spanish.

Most of the immigrants to Chile during the 19th and 20th centuries came from abroad. Settlers from Europe came from Spain, Italy, France, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Great Britain and Ireland. Refugees from the Spanish Civil War came in the 1930s. Today, most immigrants come from neighboring countries.

High up in mountains, the climate may be cooler, while lower in valleys the climate may be warmer. Mountain landforms may block rain clouds from entering valleys and snow may form at the top of a mountain rather than at the bottom of the mountain. Tornadoes provide another example of a landform's effect on humans.Apr 25, 2017

Many scientists think Earth has a maximum carrying capacity of 9 billion to 10 billion people. [How Do You Count 7 Billion People?]Oct 11, 2011

Peruvians (Spanish: Peruanos) are the citizens of the Republic of Peru or their descendants abroad. Peru is a multiethnic country formed by the combination of different groups over five centuries, so people in Peru usually treat their nationality as a citizenship rather than an ethnicity.

From records it appears that 300,000 soldiers and 500,000 common people were involved in constructing the original Great Wall under Emperor Qin. Many people lost their lives during this work and archaeologists have discovered many human remains buried under sections of the wall.

Halpern and Coren took a list of the people who had recently died and contacted their families, asking whether or not their relative had been right- or left-handed. Looking at 2,000 cases, they saw that the average age at death of the left-handers was about nine years younger than of the right-handers.Sep 7, 2013

Halloween costumes are costumes worn on or around Halloween, a festival which falls on October 31. ... It has been suggested that the custom comes from the Celtic festivals of Samhain and Calan Gaeaf, or from the practise of "souling" during the Christian observance of Allhallowtide.

Sea turtles can bite. They have sharp beaks and extremely strong jaws. A sea turtle bite is unlikely (or so I believed), but it can really hurt! It can also cause a serious bruise or break the skin, or even break bones.

Nicotine is the main addictive substance in cigarettes and other forms of tobacco. Nicotine is a drug that affects many parts of your body, including your brain. ... That's what leads to addiction. When people don't smoke, they may have withdrawal symptoms.

Census dataLanguageNumber of speakersSpeak only English6909648Speak other language603517Spanish or Spanish Creole378942Other Indo-European languages11996141 more rows

The contest for the city of Athens was later carved into the stone relief on the rear pediment in the Temple of Athena on the Acropolis with both of our heroes appearing in the center of the composition with the goddess holding her olive tree and Poseidon his trident.

Ebola generally starts with flu-like symptoms. Though it's known for the extreme hemorrhagic symptoms -- the bleeding out of the eyes, etc. -- not everyone will experience these. ... People who die from infection with Ebola virus usually end up dying from multi-organ failure and shock.Aug 2, 2014

No hair is immune to head lice. There is a misconception that African American hair, because it is coarse, is resistant to head lice. Lice do not care whether hair is smooth or coarse, thin or thick. Lice affix themselves to a strand of hair as a way to get up to the scalp to access their food supply: human blood.

Hondurans (Spanish: Hondureños) are people inhabiting in, originating from, or having significant heritage from Honduras. Most Hondurans live in Honduras, although there is also a significant Honduran diaspora, particularly in the United States, with smaller communities in other countries around the world.

People migrate for many different reasons. These reasons can be classified as economic, social, political or environmental: economic migration - moving to find work or follow a particular career path. ... political migration - moving to escape political persecution or war.

Top 25 countries of immigration into OECD countries, (Thousands)OrderCountryEmigrants per million population4Poland53605Mexico16406Philippines17507United States43024 more rows

Many homeless people start out with jobs and stable residences, but then social and economic factors intervene, causing a rapid change in their living situation. The two biggest factors driving homelessness are poverty and the lack of affordable housing.

Effects of Homelessness. The effects of homelessness on homeless people are large. They range from health issues to personal entrapment. It is believed that many homeless individual failed in their lives to cope with their difficulties and this makes them alienate themselves from the rest of the world.

The last time a global survey was attempted – by the United Nations in 2005 – an estimated 100 million people were homeless worldwide. As many as 1.6 billion people lacked adequate housing (Habitat, 2015).

Norwegians (Norwegian: nordmenn) are a Germanic ethnic group native to Norway. They share a common culture and speak the Norwegian language.

Last year, 46 people died after jumping off the Golden Gate, according to the Bridge Rail Foundation, an organization dedicated to stopping suicides from the bridge. The organization estimates that more than 1,600 people have leapt to their deaths since the bridge opened in 1937.Jun 30, 2014

Nicotine is the main addictive substance in cigarettes and other forms of tobacco. Nicotine is a drug that affects many parts of your body, including your brain. Over time, your body and brain get used to having nicotine in them. About 80–90% of people who smoke regularly are addicted to nicotine.

Alexander was educated by the philosopher Aristotle. Philip was assassinated in 336 BC and Alexander inherited a powerful yet volatile kingdom. He quickly dealt with his enemies at home and reasserted Macedonian power within Greece. He then set out to conquer the massive Persian Empire.

Poisonous Plants - Tulip - The Poison Plant Patch. Tulips, narcissus, and daffodils rarely cause fatalities, but do contain toxic glycosides that may cause dizziness, abdominal pain and upset, and even, on occasion, convulsions.

- If people are caught outside in a blizzard, they risk getting frost bite and hypothermia. - A blizzard can cause lots of property damage, such as roof cave-ins and windows breaking. Trees can fall on houses, cars, etc. - Blizzards can be the cause of lots of car accidents.

It certainly was not the Sacagawea Expedition; she did not guide Captains Lewis and Clark all the way to the Pacific Ocean. But she did know some of the geography they passed through, and she did interpret for them when they came across Shoshone-speaking Indians.

1,503 people total died, including passengers and crew. One of the first lifeboats to leave the Titanic carried only 28 people; it could have held 64 people. There were enough life-jackets for all 2,208 people, and most everyone was wearing one. 300 dead bodies were pulled from the sea the next morning.

As of January 1, 2018, there were 2,816 death row inmates in the United States. The number of death row inmates changes daily with new convictions, appellate decisions overturning conviction or sentence alone, commutations, or deaths (through execution or otherwise).

Trade—the exchange of something for something else—was an important part of Anglo-Indian relations from the earliest days of European settlement in the New World. The Jamestown colonists traded glass beads and copper to the Powhatan Indians in exchange for desperately needed corn.Nov 13, 2014

Nepalese also referred to as Nepalis or Nepali people (Nepali: नेपाली गण) are the Indo-Aryan and Sino-Tibetan citizens of Nepal under the provisions of Nepali nationality law. The country is home to people of many different national origins.

Mount Everest, at 8,848 metres (29,029 ft) is the world's highest mountain and a particularly desirable peak for mountaineeers. Over 290 people have died trying to climb it. The last year without known fatalities on the mountain was 1977, a year in which only two people reached the summit.

There are more challenging mountains that are a better experience. But it's a trophy. It's the biggest.” When asked by The New York Times why he wanted to climb Everest, British mountaineer George Mallory, who died on the mountain during his third expedition there in 1924, famously answered, “Because it's there.”Apr 22, 2014

40: Record number of people to successfully reach Everest's summit in one day (May 10, 1993). 200: Approximate number of total climbers who have died on the peak's treacherous slopes. 4,000: Approximate number of people who have climbed Mount Everest since Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay in 1953.May 21, 2012

As of 2016, there have been 18 astronaut and cosmonaut fatalities during spaceflight. Astronauts have also died while training for space missions, such as the Apollo 1 launch pad fire which killed an entire crew of three. There have also been some non-astronaut fatalities during spaceflight-related activities.

The Importance of Lakes. The Earth is called "the water planet" because it has approximately 14,108 cubic kilometers of water. ... Of these, lakes are the best "available freshwater source on the Earth's surface." Lakes are valued as water sources and for fishing, water transport, recreation, and tourism.

But even small changes in temperature or precipitation could drastically impact plants and animals living in the desert. ... Human activities such as firewood gathering and the grazing of animals are also converting semiarid regions into deserts, a process known as desertification.

Uruguayans or Uruguayan people (Spanish: Uruguayos) are the citizens of Uruguay. The country is home to people of different ethnic origins. As a result, many Uruguayans do not equate their nationality with ethnicity, but with citizenship and their allegiance to Uruguay.

While the best-known form of human trafficking is for the purpose of sexual exploitation, hundreds of thousands of victims are trafficked for the purposes of forced labour, domestic servitude, child begging or the removal of their organs.

Belgians are made up of two main linguistic and ethnic groups; the Dutch-speakers (called the Flemish) and the French-speakers (mostly Walloons), as well as a third tiny but constitutionally recognized group from two small German-speaking areas.

Today more than a million people live in the cities surrounding Mount Vesuvius. Pompeii may be ancient history, but scientists are pretty sure Mount Vesuvius is overdue for another major explosion. Luckily the people living near the volcano today will likely receive evacuation warnings before it blows.

There is no record of anyone being killed by a mother black bear defending her cubs, and attacks are very rare. ... Startled black bears run away, often to a tree. By contrast, a startled grizzlies may charge and occasionally attack, making grizzlies over 20 times more dangerous than black bears.

Giant pandas are solitary and peaceful animals but if threatened they will surely attack(just like other animals). They may appear cute and cuddly but they can defend themselves very well. ... And there are some cases where pandas have attacked humans.Mar 11, 2016

Another tale is that because of his large mouth, he was nicknamed "satchel mouth" which became shortened to Satchmo. Early on he was also known as Dipper, short for Dippermouth, a reference to the piece Dippermouth Blues. and something of a riff on his unusual embouchure.

Attacks by bobcats on humans are rare. Normally if a bobcat approaches a human or seems aggressive towards you it is most likely sick or rabid. If a bobcat tries to attack you do whatever you can to defend yourself. ... They can observe the bobcat and remove it from the area if it seems to be a threat.

The primary impact area of the Dust Bowl, as it came to be known, was on the Southern Plains. The Northern Plains weren`t so badly affected, but the drought, dust, and agricultural decline were felt there as well. The agricultural devastation helped to lengthen the Great Depression, whose effects were felt worldwide.

Brown eyes are the most common eye color in the world with over 55% of the world's population having brown eyes. Brown eye color is a dominant genetic trait, and is created by the presence of melanin in the eye.Nov 9, 2017

John Calvin was a famous French theologian and a major leader of the Protestant Reformation. He helped popularize the belief in the sovereignty of God in all areas of life, as well as the doctrine of predestination. The theological approach advanced by Calvin has come to be known as 'Calvinism.'

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that about 795 million people of the 7.3 billion people in the world, or one in nine, were suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2014-2016. (Almost all the hungry people, 780 million, live in developing countries.)

Belizeans are people originating in Belize whether they live there or in the Belizean diaspora. Belize is a multiethnic country with residents of African, Amerindian, European and Asian descent or any combination of those groups.

Every day, 28 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This is one death every 51 minutes. The annual cost of alcohol-related crashes totals more than $44 billion.Jun 16, 2017

William Bradford and the First Thanksgiving. As was the custom in England, the Pilgrims celebrated their harvest with a festival. The 50 remaining colonists and roughly 90 Wampanoag tribesmen attended the "First Thanksgiving."

Today, people celebrate Hanukkah to remember defeating the Syrians and reviving the Temple of Jerusalem. Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days to mark the eight days the oil burned. People celebrate Hanukkah by lighting candles on a menorah, which is also called a Hanukiyah. Each night, one more candle is lit.

In all, 36 men made a total of 14 escape attempts during Alcatraz's history. Of these, 23 were caught, six were shot and killed during their escape and two drowned. The remaining five (including Morris and the Anglins) went missing and were presumed drowned.Aug 8, 2012

In some areas throughout the world ethnic enclaves known as Chinatowns are home to populations of Chinese ancestry. In Southeast Asia, Chinese people call themselves 華人 (Huárén), which is distinguished from (中國人) (Zhōngguórén) or the citizens of the People's Republic of China or the Republic of China.

During the September 11 attacks of 2001, 2,996 people were killed (including 19 terrorists) and more than 6,000 others wounded. These immediate deaths included 265 on the four planes (including the terrorists), 2,606 in the World Trade Center and in the surrounding area, and 125 at the Pentagon.