Facts about Spring

Trees and bushes that lost their leaves over the winter begin to grow new leaves again and also flower in spring. This happens because the temperature of the air and soil starts to warm up and the hours of daylight increase as the days get longer with the coming of spring.

The equinoxes - and our seasons - are caused by the Earth orbiting the Sun and the Earth's tilt. The Earth is tilted 23.5 degrees on its vertical axis. During the northern hemisphere's spring and summer, the northern hemisphere is tilted towards the Sun.

Here are my favorite things to do in spring:Go Camping. Find the perfect campsite in your area. ... Go to the Beach. Head off to the nearest beach. ... Go Kayaking. If you want to get a good arm workout, kayaking is the activity for you. ... Go Hiking. ... Fly a Kite. ... Set Up an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt. ... Go Canoeing. ... Take a Bike Ride.More items...

The sun is high in the sky during spring meaning temperatures can rise in the day but stay cool at night due to the moderating effect of the ocean temperature. ... You can see what the weather has been like in the UK during Spring throughout the past on the Met Office's Climate summaries pages.Nov 8, 2017

White pants are the great wardrobe multiplier. On a cool spring day, wear them with a bright cashmere sweater or even a leather jacket. ... You can dress up white jeans by ironing a crease down the front, and pairing with a button down and jacket. If it's cold, wear a lighter colored ankle boot.

Although spring has arrived, it may not feel that way for many in the United States and Canada who have had to put up with unusually cold temperatures. ... This flow of air, known as the jet stream, usually brings more warm air from the South as the Northern Hemisphere begins to heat up in the spring.Apr 2, 2013

Spring is one of the four conventional temperate seasons, following winter and preceding summer. There are various technical definitions of spring, but local usage of the term varies according to local climate, cultures and customs. ... Spring is the time when many plants begin to grow and flower.

Easter is celebrated during nature's season of spring and like the season of spring, Easter is about new life. Just as winter symbolizes death, spring symbolizes new life. Trees, plants, fields are beginning to turn green; across Kansas new life is emerging from the ground.Mar 25, 2012

Minerals become dissolved in the water as it moves through the underground rocks. ... This is why spring water is often bottled and sold as mineral water, although the term is often the subject of deceptive advertising. Springs that contain significant amounts of minerals are sometimes called 'mineral springs'.

Silent Spring. Silent Spring is an environmental science book by Rachel Carson. The book was published on 27 September 1962 and it documented the adverse effects on the environment of the indiscriminate use of pesticides.